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A poultry sanitation control panel for EAU Technologies in Kennesaw, GA


XL Automation is an industrial design, automation and controls company whose skill sets range from executing projects on the plant floor to interfacing to the boardroom level.  Today’s highly complex control and information systems that run plant operations require higher levels of integration, and XL Automation has the experience to provide these solutions.  Additionally, the complex integration of mechanical systems and controls in industries utilizing robotics, winders, pick and place, and process lines highly benefit from an all-in-one design house.

Our core specialties center on automation and controls design and fabrication (control panels, data collection, database interface), and mechanical modeling and analysis (3D Modeling, detailing, FEA, etc.)


XL Automation's mission is focused on delivering  on-time, state-of-the-art, cost effective solutions to manufacturing clients. We help our clients achieve competitive advantage and profit improvement by providing intelligent integrated systems and comprehensive services. We lower client risk by using the latest proven technologies while maintaining the highest possible performance-to-cost ratio. 

Our industry experience covers Aerospace to Wastewater and our technical experience includes nearly every aspect of systems integration and industrial automation. Our services also include Project Management, Systems Engineering, Programming, Systems Manufacturing, Mechanical Design, Mechanical Fabrication, Installation, Commissioning, Startup, Training and Support. 

Our engineers, designers and project managers come from a wide variety of industries and have in-depth knowledge of specific industries' needs and issues, as well as intimate familiarity with multiple vendors' hardware and software. We work with all major control system manufacturers. Our team of professionals can integrate our experience with your needs.

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